Silk Pillowcases For Beautiful Sleep

We all know the feeling of being in a high-end shop.  We run our fingers through the layers of a beautiful piece of silk clothing and instantly want to wrap ourselves in it. 

 Silk is a fabric that has been seen as a luxurious fabric for centuries and it continues to be something that we all want to surround ourselves with. 

 Having a silk pillowcase is one of the most luxurious experiences you can provide yourself with while sleeping.  Every night you’ll go to bed feeling your worries wash away when your head hits your pillowcase, and you’ll wake up feeling like a princess each morning. 

 So, how come sleeping on silk is so highly sought after?  Is it the flawless skin?  Or possibly the beautiful hair? 

 While feeling like a princess is tempting enough alone to want to have a silk pillowcase, there’s plenty of benefits that come with them as well, such as…

 * Anti-aging

 * Healthier skin 

 * No more bedhead

 * Hypoallergenic

 If those are things that interest you, then keep reading!  Because these are all things that sleeping on silk has to offer. 


Having a pillowcase that is made out of 100% silk does wonders for your skin.  Normal pillowcases can cause resistance between your skin and the fabric as you move in your sleep, tugging on your skin which creates wrinkles and creases.   When you’re sleeping on something that’s made of fine Mulberry silk, your skin will effortlessly glide across your pillowcase without any resistance. 

 Another great benefit to having a 100% silk pillowcase is that they don’t absorb your skincare products like other pillowcases might, so that means all your serums and moisturizers stay exactly where they’re supposed to and work hard on your skin all night long. 


 Have you ever found yourself jealous of the women who wake up with perfect, shiny, sleek hair, but yours is always a tangled rats nest as soon as you lift your head from the pillow?  If you have a certified silk pillowcase, you can wave your worries goodbye. 

 Much like skin, your hair rubs around and gets tangled all night long.  When you sleep on silk, your hair is much less likely to get tangled and lose its shine.  Women with ethnic and textured hair have been using silk pillowcases for years to keep their hair manageable and healthy. 

 Sleeping on silk is a great way to keep your hairstyles lasting longer than they would normally.  In the same way the silk won’t absorb your skincare, it also won’t dry out your hair by soaking up any extra moisture from overnight masks or conditioners. 

 Healthier Skin

 While you get the anti-aging benefits that come with silk, for similar reasons it also helps with giving you healthier skin.  Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, having resistance to dust mites, mold, and other things that can irritate your skin.  If eczema is something that you battle with, having a pillowcase made out of mulberry silk is going to help a lot with irritation that occurs on your face. 


 As mentioned above, silk is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and other allergens.  This is great for people who suffer from things such as asthma, or allergies to mold.  If you’ve ever had issues waking up to itchy eyes and a runny nose, your pillowcase may be the cause of that.

Dust and many other things build up on your pillowcase over time, creating a breeding ground for allergens and dust mites to irritate people with allergies.  Silk, on the other hand, does not allow that to happen, allowing you to stay breathing healthily all night long. 

 When you sleep on certified silk, there are so many things it can help prevent.  If you’ve been having issues with dull bed head every morning, it’s a great option for you.  If you’re sick and tired of waking up with lines creased into your face, silk can fix that!

 There are some things you’ll want to watch out for, though.  Make sure that when you’re buying a silk pillowcase, it’s fully made from silk.  100% certified Mulberry silk is the best kind you can get and is what you should look for when doing your research.

 Mixed fabrics aren’t going to provide you with the same benefits that you’ll get from having a pillowcase that 100% silk. 

 Something else to keep in mind is how to care for your silk pillowcase.  They shouldn’t be washed at a temperature higher than 86 degrees Fahrenheit and should be washed with very gentle soap.  You should also let them air dry instead of drying them using heat. 

 If switching your pillowcase is something that you’ve been looking into for a while, then go for it!  There’s no downside to owning a silk pillowcase, except maybe sleeping so well that you sleep through your alarm.  So, if you’re ready to wake up with shiny hair and soft skin, take the plunge and try out a silk pillowcase.