Elation Silk Benefits

    Is it true that there are anti-aging benefits of sleeping on silk?

    Having a pillowcase that is made out of 100% silk does wonders for your skin.  Normal pillowcases can cause a resistance between your skin and the fabric as you move in your sleep, tugging on your skin which creates wrinkles and creases. When you’re sleeping on something that’s made of fine mulberry slip silk, your skin will effortlessly glide across your pillowcase without any resistance.  
    Another great benefit to having a 100% silk pillowcase is that it doesn’t absorb your skincare products like other pillowcases might, so that means all your serums and moisturizers stay exactly where they’ belong and work hard on your skin all night long.  

    Is silk good for my hair?

    Much like skin, your hair rubs around and gets tangled all night long.  When you sleep on silk, your hair is much less likely to get tangled and lose its shine.  Women with curly and textured hair have been using silk pillowcases for years to keep their hair manageable and healthy.  

    Is silk hypoallergenic?

    Yes. Silk is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and other allergens.  This is great for people who suffer from things such as asthma, or allergies to mold. If you’ve ever had issues waking up to itchy eyes and a runny nose, your pillowcase may be the cause of that.

    Silk Grades and Types

    Why your silk is called Slip and what is the difference between other silks on the market?

    Our silk is 100% 6A Grade Mulberry silk, the finest you can buy, but we also go a step further.  Our silk goes through a special treatment that makes it even smoother, shinier, and softer than regular silk fabric without the treatment. 

    What is 6A Grade Silk?

    The quality of silk is graded by letters: A, B, or C.
    • A: Grade A silk is the highest quality silk you can buy, as well as having the longest strands.
    • B:  Grade B silk is made up of shorter strands and sometimes a chemical process is needed to get the pearly white sheen of the fabric, unlike grade A.
    • C: Grade C silk is the bottom tier when it comes to quality and can feel rough when compared to A or B.  This grade would also take chemical treatments in order to achieve that lovely white sheen.  

    What is OEKO-TEX?

    OEKO-TEX is a brand that checks everything on the item of textile you may buy. Sometimes fabrics can be made or treated with chemical substances that can be harmful to human health. If the textile you’re purchasing has the label “OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100”, that means that harmful substances haven’t been used in the making of that piece and it is completely safe for human health.

    What does momme mean?

    Unlike cotton sheets and pillowcases that can be labeled by the number of threads they contain, silk is instead classified using “momme” which is a weight classification.  If you were to weigh a piece of silk that is 100 yards long by 45 inches wide and it totaled to 20 pounds, then that piece of silk would be ranked as 20 momme silk.  

    Why 22 momme silk was selected?

    While you can buy silk products that are 16-19 momme and still be very satisfied with the quality, we go the extra step and use 22 momme fabric for our pillowcases for an even softer, more luxurious feel.

    Care tips

    How to wash Elation silk pillowcase?

    • Only use cold water.
    • Use the “delicate” or “hand wash” setting on your washer.

    • Wash your silk in a separate load from other fabrics.
    • Turn pillowcases inside out or put items in a mesh bag.
    • Use a gentle detergent.

    How often do I wash my silk?

    We recommend washing your pillowcase once or twice a week for the best results. If you keep up with maintenance on your silk, it will last you a long time and keep you getting the perfect rest you deserve.

    How to dry Elation silk pillowcase?

    • In a dryer on the “air fluff” setting. Make sure if you do this you remove them after a few minutes to let them air dry on their own the rest of the way.
    • Blot them gently with clean towels.
    • Iron them with the “silk” setting on your iron.